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Hello, I'm Coach Kim

Welcome To About Face Coaching -

I get to help people develop a greater self-awareness, become more intentional, and get in the driver's seat of their own transformation.

Changing Direction is your super power and a testimony to your ability to unlock your potential. It takes courage to do an about face. We sometimes get stuck in going through the motions - day in and day out - predictable, bland, and boring. This robotic lifestyle is mostly unfulfilling - but it is safe and predictable.

The mass of men lead lives 

of quiet desperation.     


~ Henry David Thoreau

Staying at this level of suffocation is not mandatory - and you don't even need a hall pass.


You can excuse yourself from the masses

and the madness of mediocrity!

I am pleased to partner with clients to help them identify fresh goals, to further stimulate their growth and actual joie de vivre. To find oneself and one's purpose - to face down one's fears and overcome obstacles - expanding, growing, thriving - this is the stuff that creates a vibrant existence and stirs the soul. 


But embracing the necessary thought patterns and insightfulness is quite difficult if you don't possess the skills to explore the possibilities. Most people don't have someone in their corner to help them create and reach big goals. This is where the coaching connection enters. 


An Army veteran and certified coach, I have been trained to activate potential, co-create accountability, and design safe spaces for transformation. A few of my areas of expertise and passion are in the arenas of:

  • Transitioning out of the Military

  • Discovering Purpose

  • Building Confidence

  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • Forgiveness

  • Home Schooling

The only constant in life is CHANGE. You can't run from it, nor can you hide. I want to help you show up daily, with the right attitude, focus and emotional resources so that you can stand, when dealt any hand. 

I invite you to view CHANGE from a fresh perspective!







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