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I've authored several e-books around unlocking  potential. Short reads, but incredible outcomes await you if you dare apply the teachings. Discover a treasure trove of wisdom and guidance that can empower you to take positive steps towards creating a truly fulfilling life.

📖 Dive into a diverse collection covering topics like:

✨ Self-discovery and mindfulness

📈 Goal-setting and time management

Fear, Anxiety - Peace vs. Chaos

🌱 Emotional intelligence and resilience

💪 Building a healthy marriage and other relationships - especially the one with yourself 

What's Happening on My Side of the Ledger?

I also collaborate with a team of brilliant leaders whose primary goal is to affect Social Impact. The access points creating an abundant ROI:

* Banking 

* E-commerce

 * Personal and Professional Development

* Health Management


This blue ocean opportunity is positioned to provide a financial refreshing for families all across America. 


Our coaching support helps veterans to continue building camaraderie and solutions, beyond the  uniform. The spirit of "No man or woman left behind" does not evaporate once leaving the service. We make sure people know how to stay in touch and access various resources, relationships and enriching results.  

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